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Hello, my name is Glenda Prideaux. I'm a Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant and I'd be delighted to assist you in  your marriage.

You may already have an idea of how you would like your marriage ceremony to be structured, or you may have little or no idea of what the whole event entails!

It is a happy and exciting time for you....however it can also be a little stressful getting everything organised.

In the end, all you know is that you want to be together as a happy couple, on a gorgeous day, surrounded by your loved ones. I can help you to achieve that.

You can rely on me to assist you with the legal aspects of getting married, to consult with you for shared ideas and suggest ways of making your marriage ceremony a truly joyous occasion. I really enjoy the journey of at first meeting you as a loving couple, hearing your story and then helping you decide what would best fit your plans for an awesome ceremony on a very special day.

It is limited only by your imagination - and the fact that I'm a bit adverse to abseiling and snorkling!

So contact me today and together we can begin planning one of the most important events of your life.

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