Other Ceremonies

  Other Ceremonies :


I realise that ritual and ceremony are deeply important to human beings; they make and mark change within a community of family and friends.

Some say that ritual is what makes us human. If it is done well, ritual or ceremony provides a significant event and people come away knowing their lives have been positively touched by the experience.

When we fully celebrate the joyful things in our lives, we are able to savour them and recognize the beauty of life, ourselves, and each other.

This brings even more joy and fulfilment to us and the people we love.

I'm more than happy to guide you through designing a ceremony for that important life event.




Renewal of Vows 

 Renewal, or re-affirmation of your vows, is a way in which you can acknowledge the support and love your partner has given through your relationship.

Ceremonies with mature couples who have grown together and closer over the years get to celebrate – what a wonderful way to reaffirm those vows and to have the opportunity to include the loved ones surrounding you!

You don't have to wait for the milestones!

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Baby Naming 


Naming ceremonies are not just limited to the arrival of a new baby!

Rites and customs can be incorporated into a naming ceremony regardless of which culture or ethnic group you are from.

They’re perfect ways to celebrate with family and friends, recognising the adoption of a child, acknowledging family history, honouring family members such as god parents and grandparents …. naming ceremonies are the solution to a simple celebration for anyone in the family.

 And while the Naming Ceremony and accompanying documents don’t have any legal status, they are a wonderful way to welcome your child and celebrate them as they begin their journey through life.

Read more at Naming Ceremony .

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